Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coregasm: Orgasm Your Way to Lingerie

Kegels, Kegels, and More Kegels!

By Katie

There is such thing as a "coregasm", or an exercise-induced orgasm, that can happen right in your very own gym. Even better, it can be done SOLO with no equipment!
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These extra exercises plus a skinny get-up (picture of your most SKIMPIEST lingerie!) will win you the gold medal with your man.

Strengthening the muscles that control an orgasm can actually enhance the sensation for you, resulting in a bigger "aha" moment. Next time you're urinating, stop and hold the flow for 5-10 seconds, exhaling as your contracting and inhaling as you release. You may not be able to hold it very long at first, but with some practice, you'll definitely become a pro.

At the gym when you're doing your core (link back to abs post) work, substitute a hanging leg raise for another exercise. The more repetitions you do, the more "tingly" you'll become.

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Beginners- try a supine leg drop to reap the benefits too!

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WARNING! You may want to try this exercise when there's not a lot of people around ;)

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