Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lingerista Lifestyle: Back-to-School Bra Basics

By Kirsten

            Back to school time is a special time of year. If you’re in school, there is the excitement of new school supplies and reunions. If you’re a parent, you get the house to yourself and the grind of school activities and needs again.

            Either way, it is important to take a moment to fully tackle school supply shopping.

            Acknowledge a compromise has to be made between fashion and function. Staples is selling locker chandeliers—not exactly necessary.

(photo taken by me, Kirsten)

            However, the glittery notebook is only a few cents extra and is a guaranteed hit with younger girls.

             Grab a few necessities, a few fun things and few accessories (there is no need for a full new wardrobe at the beginning of the year, wait a few weeks to see what’s “in” this year).

            School should be an easy transition from summer—like the easy transition between strapless and straps with the WACOAL T-Back Convertible Bra ($48). It’ll be a snap!

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