Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exclusive Designer Interviews: Voda Swim

By Eve

One year ago, Eve's Apples Boutique introduced this incredible swimwear lingerie, focused on boosting your cleavage. At the time, I was fortunate to interview the lovely Yulia Drummond, Owner & Designer of Voda Swim

Lingeristas had been asking me for years about swimwear and the best bathing suit top for petite and small busts who want a little something extra on top. Well, look no further. If you're interested in adding natural looking cleavage to your bustline, you'll want to check out Eve's Apples Online Boutique and read the inspiring interview, below, with swimwear designer Yulia Drummund of Voda Swim.

Voda Swim, a quality product that adds 1 - 2 cup sizes for a fuller look. Owned and operated by Yulia and Dustin Drummond, not only is Voda Envy Push Up swimwear exciting, but also the company that is inspirational in its creations along with helping others feel good in their swimsuits!

To find out more about Voda and the genius behind it, read my interview with Yulia below.

Eve: What was your inspiration to become a designer?

Yulia: For the longest time I couldn't find a bikini that would make me feel sexy and look flattering on my body. That inspired me to design a push up bikini that I would feel very sexy and confident in. The best part I love is that even though it is a push up bikini it looks like a regular triangle bikini top so nobody knows your secret! It doesn't have any uncomfortable wires that dig into the skin and barely retains any water, which still creates an amazing push up effect even after a swim.
Eve: Who or what is your greatest design influence?

Yulia: I would have to say is that it is our customers. We listen to our customer's feedback all the time and that helps me improve or create new products that I know women will love.
Eve: If your designs made one statement what would they be?

Yulia: "Look at me. I am hot, I am sexy, and I turn heads!" Everyone should be able to feel this way!
Eve: What was your biggest obstacle in starting your business?

Yulia: Trust me, there were plenty. But the biggest obstacle was always ourselves. First, it took us a full year to design and redesign and redesign again the Envy Push Up® top to make it perfect. We had to research different materials and test them to find the perfect balance between low water absorbency and softness. Not to mention the shape and design which I must have re-molded 100 times or more. And for the business side of things, it simply comes down to knowledge or I should say "lack of it" at start-up. When we first started this business we had no idea how to register a company, write a patent, submit trade marks, design a website, and much much more.

What is your greatest reward/joy in designing or your business?
Yulia: Knowing that I help women out there and have enough courage to rock the bikini again. We get countless testimonials from women who used to hate going to the beach...that was until they tried on a Voda Swim bikini of course! I remember one particular testimonial that really touched my heart from a woman that would only wear a tank top or t-shirt to the beach. She was so happy and said how Voda Swim had literally changed her life!
Eve: Who is your favorite designer?
Yulia: Zac Posen. His designs are always fresh and very inspirational. He seems to have mastered the art of blending practicality with creativity. Plus, I met him once and he seems like a very nice person.
Eve: What is your favorite quote that you live by?

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." — William Shakespeare I change it a little and say this to myself everyday "I am the creator of my own future and destiny". I strongly believe in setting definite goals and paving your own road to the future.
Eve: What is your favorite piece that you designed? Why?

Yulia: Ruched lace bikini top from Voda Swim's current 2011 collection. During the night I had an inspiration or a dream about that bikini. When I woke up (at 4:30am! on Saturday!) I started sewing the sample immediately and about 4 hours later I had a finished bikini top. It rarely happens that easy but it was perfect on my first attempt! Talk about inspiration!
Eve: What is the most important piece of advice when trying on/wearing lingerie/bras/swimwear?
Yulia: Get the correct bra size measurement. I see so many women being measured wrong and then they buy bras and bikini tops that are not their true size. I just think with the correct bra size measurement we can find the best fitting bra or a bikini.
Eve: What is the one piece of lingerie/swimwear that you can’t live without?
Yulia: My favorite Voda Swim bikini of course, particularly the Lipstick Hoop String Bikini with the Brazilian bottom. The color is so great and vibrant and everybody gives me compliments when I wear it...especially my husband! :)

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