Thursday, July 12, 2012

Teaching my Daughter about Boobs

By Julie

Kind of a funny title for a blog post right? 

Frankly, I never thought I would write about teaching my daughter about boobs and bras, but this seems to be the most fitting venue. 

My daughter has been fascinated by my undergarments since she was a toddler. She has worn them on her head. She has tried them on, and I’ve had to chase her to get my bras back. I suppose seeing your mother put on a relatively strange contraption over her chest can be awfully compelling for a two year old. She has always been curious about everything. She has always been full of questions. I've always held the attitude that children shouldn't be lied too. My daughter is too smart for that anyway. I tell my daughter the absolute truth about most things -- if I feel it is appropriate.  

So when the question about my bra came up the answer was simple. My bra holds up my boobs. 
Isn't that what it does essentially?


Wacoal T-Bra Push Up Bra, $48

Of course that wasn’t good enough. 

She needs to know everything about everything. She then asked, “What do boobs do?”. Well that gets to be a little more complicated. Here is essentially what I told her: Boobs provide milk for babies. When you and your brother were babies I nursed you which means I fed you milk from my boobs. In my opinion, this is the best answer to her question. I’d love for her to grow up with idea that her breasts were given to her for a purpose not to enhance her sexuality, even if she never breastfeeds a baby.

Now that she is a little older she likes watching me dress and seeing what outfits I put together and what underwear I wear. She often says, “Ooh Mommy, I like your underwear, it’s so pretty!” 

She would love these lingerie pieces from Mimi Holliday:

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