Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling Sexy and Motherhood

By Julie

Sometimes it’s hard to feel sexy after you become a Mom. Once you become a Mom your first priority is that little baby, toddler or child. It can be hard to feel sexy when you are exhausted chasing after children all day long and being up with them all night.

You’d like to feel like this:

But really you are beyond exhausted and the last thing you want to do is put on sexy lingerie. Usually it is comfy pajamas that are more than likely stained with breast milk. 

It’s particularly hard to feel sexy while breastfeeding. It’s easy to start feeling like a farm animal while nursing and the last thing you want is someone else touching you. Hormones are definitely raging. Your sex drive is most likely non-existent. The reason for this is the hormone prolactin which is necessary for breastfeeding. Unfortunately, it also lowers your sex drive. Don’t worry it does return after you are finished breastfeeding.
Once you are finished breastfeeding, you might start to feel your sex drive returning. Now what? You’re still getting up three times a night with a teething restless toddler. You’re still chasing that increasingly busy toddler during the day. You are so tired you can’t see straight. This is when you need to start concentrating on yourself and your needs.

Here are a few ideas to get to feeling sexy again:
1. Take a nap. If you feel exhausted you aren’t going to feel sexy.
2. Make a date with your partner. Concentrate on each other.
3. Go get a massage and pedicure. Spend time relaxing.
4. Get your hair done. Make yourself feel pretty. You’ll start feeling more like the old you and less like a milk cow. Promise.
5. Now go shopping. Wear something pretty that fits right and you’ll start to feel sexy again.

I love this soft, cozy bralette made of a cotton blend that feels like silk. Looks a lot better than my stained PJs!

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